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Imagine venturing out on some field work on a hot and sweltering day, only to realize that the very appliance you needed the most to comfort you at the moment - your air conditioner would just not start. You would like to think that this is a rare occurrence which you should not be worried about, but you will certainly be alarmed to know how many people face this issue every summer season. So, how to keep such happenings at bay? The answer is regular air conditioner service, which becomes all the more necessary to have in Palm Beach, FL, given the soaring mercury levels. Do not worry! We at Palm Beach AC Expert have got you covered from all ends, to meet all your AC repair, maintenance and servicing needs. Just give us a call on 561-396-9176 and avail our residential AC services!

Services you can trust

The two decade long experience walks ahead of us in true testimony and our services are asked for by numerous household owners in the region. We understand the very specific requirements of house owners in terms of their air conditioning needs and this is why we are always by their side, with our expertise and technological prowess. With us you can rest easy knowing that you will be given not just the best services, but at the most affordable of prices as well. We do not charge our clients unnecessarily and work with them with cent percent transparency. This is why our helpline number can be found on the speed dial of numerous households in the region.


We have residential AC specialists:

You would think an air conditioner is just another appliance but the truth is that there are a lot of nuances to it as well and this is where residential air conditioners and HVACs installed in commercial facilities vary greatly. Always make sure that you select the right residential AC for your home. Installing the wrong system will only cost you hefty amounts on your electricity bills further on. This is where our air conditioning experts for residential needs can come in to your aid and help you in making the choice of the most appropriate model to be installed.

We care for you home:

We understand the plight of our clients who are facing a malfunctioning air conditioner, especially in the heat which is prevalent in the region. This is the reason why our services are managed proactively, intended to reach you as soon as possible. In addition to this, our experts are trained to serve you causing the least amount of disruption to your routine and hence, you will never have to worry about after service clean-up.

We put integrity first:

Have you ever had to deal with an unscrupulous AC service company and been ripped off? Do you have a stack of equipment and products which you were wrongly guided into buying? Such scams are commonplace in the region as a lot of malicious service providers have made a business out of exploiting clients. With Palm Beach AC Expert, such instances will definitely not occur, as we believe in a service-driven approach with customer focus and undeterred integrity at the heart of it.

OUR SERVICES:                                                                        

Consultation: Be it making the choice of the right air conditioner, or choosing the spares for repair of the existing ones, our consulting services will help you at every step of the process.

 AC installation: Looking to install a new air conditioner in your premises? Trust us to do it right in order to ensure that it’s working at maximum efficiency.

Repairs: Facing a sudden breakdown of your air conditioner? Do not fret the least while we are around to assist you with effective repairs.

Maintenance: Want a glitch-free air conditioner at home? Then sign up for one of our AC maintenance plans today and experience the magic.

Indoor air quality: Take a breath of fresh air with our air quality improvement measures and ensure your family has a great environment to dwell in.

You won’t find any other residential AC service provider in Palm Beach, FL that can match our level of service-delivery. Call us on 561-396-9176 to know more!