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Given the heat and sunny weather which manifests itself during most part of the year in Palm Beach, FL, it is only natural to use air conditioners throughout the day and this is what most residential and commercial facilities in the region do as well. But your air conditioner being a machine can only function well under such stress if proper maintenance and upkeep measures are in place. So stop thinking of your air conditioner as an appliance you can easily invest in once and forget about, as proper maintenance procedures are a part of the deal too.

Whenever effective maintenance of your air conditioners is the need, you can rest your load with Palm Beach AC Expert – the market leader in air conditioning care in the region since over two decades. We provide a full spectrum of air conditioning care services, which are both efficiency-promoting for the appliances and prove cost-effective for our customers.

Make a call from your end on 561-396-9176 and you’ll be entitled to the following benefits:

  • To save costs: A dollar spent on maintenance today is worth several hundred saved in the future on repair and emergency services.
  • Increased life:  Air conditioners which are well maintained have a considerably higher useful life than ones which are left unattended over prolonged periods of time.
  • Efficient working: Proper maintenance minimizes the chances of improper working and this way the air conditioners are ensured to work at their most optimum level.
  • No sudden breakdowns: Keep unexpected breakdowns of your air conditioner at bay by putting those maintenance sessions in.
  • Reduced repair frequency: The need for repairs would be reduced to a minimum when effective maintenance procedures are in place.

Not falling prey to contractual scams:

You may have been able to make the choice of the right air conditioner for your premise, but the next step is all the more crucial: choosing the right maintenance plan for your ACs.  The hard part about this is that with time, the requirements of each premise changes and the maintenance plans for the air conditioners should be customizable enough to account for such a change.

It is hence important to use discretion when making the choice of the most plausible maintenance plan suited to your needs. If you cooling needs are limited, then a bi-annual check-up plan is an unnecessary luxury you can live without. Such scams are rife in Palm Beach, FL area and perhaps only Palm Beach AC Expert can provide you with transparent plans which are customizable to their very core to suit your needs.

Why our maintenance plans are the best?

Tailored to the tee:

Customizable is the buzz word which describes all our plans and we understand how the needs of every premise is different. This is why we have devised our plans to justify these specific requirements of residential and commercial customers, keeping them easy to amend and customize.

Upfront cost calculation:

Ever happened to see those flashy banners advertising monthly or quarterly maintenance contacts? They may look like money savers, but the hidden costs in them surely will bring you on the verge of paying even more in the aftermath. This is where you can benefit by availing our maintenance plans, which are direct and upfront with all charges mentioned.

On time, on your time:

Schedules are something we do not like and thus all our service offerings revolve around the convenience of our customers. Should you want us to pay you a visit for a repair or maintenance job in the wee hours of evening or night, we are happy to do so! We can even get your air conditioning at the office working back again over the weekend, should you like not to be disturbed during business hours.

Looking for an air conditioning maintenance plan which not only fits in your pocket, but is customizable as per your own needs and wants, then call on 561-396-9176 as we have the perfect plan for you!