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Palm Beach AC Expert Palm Beach, FL 561-396-9176Gone are the days when air conditioners could be counted as an appliance of luxury in our lives. The number of air conditioners in use in Palm Beach, FL today would tell you that they are more a part of our lives now. Owing to the fact that the region experiences hot and moist climates for the most part of the year, air conditioners are extensively used and with a great frequency. In the last few decades, the air conditioning market seems to have quadrupled and this has resulted in a host of makes and models of air conditioners flooding the market. All this and more has made the process of choosing the right air conditioner tough for the consumers. Without being equipped with the right knowledge, you may be tricked into purchasing the wrong model of air conditioner, and end up paying way more than the right price for it.

This is why one should never make the wrong choice when selecting and installing a new air conditioner in the facility. It’s best to trust an able professional company to assist you with the same. Get in touch with the very best in the region – Palm Beach AC Expert by making a call on 561-396-9176.

Is improper installation even possible?

Ask anyone generally and they would tell you that installation of an air conditioner is really a no-brainer, and that even a layman cannot go wrong with it. Well, a layman may be able to get the AC up and running following the instruction manual but installing it properly for the most efficient subsequent operation is just a different ball game altogether. This is where professional help is a must in ensuring that your air conditioner has a long useful life and also saves you a decent amount of money in terms of the utility bills.

How we carry out the installation process?

 A methodical approach backed with esteemed skills and a sound experience of over two decades is what we bring to any new AC installation job for our clients. We are adept at installing both residential and commercial air conditioners for them, effectively and with ease.

Step 1: Consultation

Caught up in the numerous choices of selecting the most appropriate air conditioner for your needs? Get help from our consulting experts and make this choice with conviction.

Step 2: Assessment:

A thorough examination of the property is what we begin with, making sure all areas to be cooled are accounted for when making the choice of the right air conditioner for your premises.

Step 3: Estimates:

We at Palm Beach AC Expert uphold our ethic of transparency and do not believe in making false promises to our customers. We will start with giving you an accurate budget as to what you will incur and the actual cost will not falter from this figure.

Step 4: The installation process

Based upon the confirmation from you, we will commence work on the installation. Laying out the ductwork and ensuring effective mounting of the unit, we ensure that the insulation is properly carried out so that your air conditioner operates glitch-free.

Step 5: Aesthetics

Many service providers leave untended holes and wires handing from the air conditioners installed, which brings down the aesthetic appeal of your premise. This is where we are different as we ensure no such occurrences.

Step 6: Cross-checking

We are in no rush when we come to serve a customer, and once the air conditioning service job is complete, we ensure we stay on and see if the AC is working as per expectations.

We install it all:

May it be a small split AC which needs to be installed in one of the rooms in your home, or the installation of an elaborate HVAC unit for your commercial facility, we can take care of them all! Our expertise at installations is known far and wide in Palm Beach, FL.

Call our experts today on 561-396-9176 and get all your AC installation needs met with finesse!