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Are you falling prey to increased allergies, cold and cough at your home? Or are the employees in your commercial facility complaining about a foul lingering smell in the air? These all are warning signs of a deteriorating air quality in your home or commercial facility and can lead to grave consequences if left unchecked. While a lot of people think having an air conditioner installed is enough to take care of the air quality at their premises, hardly do they know that all that an AC does is mildly filter off the air to get dust and soot particles out, and then recirculate the air. This is where an indoor air quality expert such as Palm Beach AC Expert can help you breathe fresh air, as are thousands of households and commercial facilities in Palm Beach, FL area.

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Indoor air quality improvement:  3-phase process:

Phase 1: Assessment

Most service providers you will come across will just go over board from the very beginning, suggesting unnecessary measures which cost both time and money. On the other hand, we begin with a thorough inspection of the premises and the prevailing quality of the air, to assess a suitable future course of action. You can be rest assured that we will take or suggest an action only if it is necessary.

Phase 2: HVAC unit cleaning

This is one step you must never overlook, if a clean and healthy air inside your premise is what you are looking forward to! The ducts and vents of the unit may be home to dust and pollen or other microbes and this can seriously compromise on the health of the workforce at your facility, if such polluted air gets recirculated.

Our experts can come in and clean off the ducts, vents and other areas of accumulation and make sure that what gets circulated is only fresh and impurity-free cool air.

Phase 3: Installing additional equipment

Installation of the right equipment for improving air quality is crucial to ensure that the indoor air is free from any dust, dirt or organic matter and healthy enough to breathe in. Once the level of contamination prevalent is effectively judged by our experts, they will suitably guide you with what equipment such as UV lights or other purification filters need be installed. If needed, we can also help you in procurement, through our network of the top vendors in the market, and hence provide you with end-to-end air quality control and remediation services.

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